Guillermo De Rosa was born in Buenos Aires, in 1964. He studied at Panamerican School of Arts, and currently lives and works in Buenos Aires. He often participates in international fairs and national halls and he has received numerous citations and nation
  • Statement. One of the reasons why I paint is because it captivates me and gives me the possibility to change whatever I want in case it was necessary to change something. It helps me to say, express and manifest my world’s perspective. I paint because it repairs me and fulfills me. I don’t remember when I grabbed a pencil for the first time, but I had dedicated a lot of time to realistic technique from drawings to schools of baroque painting, and from anatomy books to live model work. During these 30 years I passed many tests and made a lot of mistakes till I accomplished an extensive pallet, to achieve the incomplete possibility of skin color. My creative process is a mixture of internal incitement and isolated work, and my motivation is the coherence between the idea I desire to express and my technique which helps its easy reading. Today, I work on realism in Pop colors, developing a different pallet to give deeper realism to the oil on canvas.