Guillermo De Rosa was born in Buenos Aires, in 1964. He studied at Panamerican School of Arts, and currently lives and works in Buenos Aires. He often participates in international fairs and national halls and he has received numerous citations and nation
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Julio Sapollnik
“Strong figures with life special circumstances. His works document situations. We can see pure art with perfect and touchable lines. He knows what he is painting and he does it with beauty, softness and harmony. An intense light rises but it does not hurt. He knows how to look and he does it through a magnificent and pure documentary realism. Beauty is inside him and he knows how to transfer it into his works.”

Silvia Pellegrini March 2012
“His works are pure poetry, romanticism full of surrealism. It is one of the most difficult genres, and this can be noticed in the midnight of “The Loneliness”. In other works (such as “The Uncertainty” and “Adrift”) the pallet of colors lightens, emphasizing the surrealism till it gets to a great level of fantasy.”

Alfredo Cernadas Artista, crítico de arte y entretenimiento Buenos Aires Herald - Junio ​​2010
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